The Waiting Room Podcast

Graphic showing the words Meet The Need NC, The Waiting Room, Hosted by Kenneith Kelty.

Storytelling is an important way to help others to understand what it is like to live with a developmental disability or help as a family member or caretaker. Our I/DD lived experience voices can drive a new narrative about meeting the service and support needs of those with I/DD and their families. Our voices are the ones that need to be heard – by friends, family, neighbors, teachers, employers, media reporters, policymakers and so many others as we strive to live inclusively in communities around North Carolina. One of the ways we tell stories is through The Waiting Room podcast. 

The Waiting Room shines a light on the ever-growing Medicaid waitlist and unmet needs of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities (I/DD) in North Carolina. Join us as we focus on this issue to educate, inform and build a community along the way with award winning motivational speaker, activist, and your host, Kenneth Kelty.

Episode 1: Welcome to The Waiting Room (September 2022)

Episode 2: Meet Your Host, Kenneth Kelty (September 2022)

Episode 3: The Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Crisis with Holly Riddle (October 2022) 

Episode 4: The Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Crisis with Dr. Pat Porter (January 2023)

Episode 5: The Impact of the Waiting List on Spanish Families (September 2023)

Episode 6: Nothing About Us Without Us with Cheryl Powell and Dr. Charlene Mapson (April 2024)